Government Contracts

Government contracts are written in a web of special rules and regulations, they are interpreted through a separate body of law from the commercial world, and they are judged through a separate judicial system.  If your company does business with the federal government, you know that your contracts can be complicated and your rights can be difficult to understand and enforce under unfamiliar rules and procedures.  If you are a small business federal contractor, you know that your procurements follow special rules and are subject to protests that can occur before you have a chance to understand your rights.

MWL government contracts attorneys have decades of experience in representing federal government contractors and protecting company rights under a federal government contract.  Routinely, they address the rights and responsibilities of the contractor under a federal government contract, whether at the time of award or during contract performance.  Routinely, they handle disputes with the federal government or disputes between the federal prime contractor and its subcontractors.  Routinely, they review, revise, and negotiate subcontracts and teaming agreements that are subject to special requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations.  They advise their clients on small business issues such as set asides, the 8(a) program, the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned program (SDVO), the HUBZone program, and the new Woman-Owned program.

The attorneys at McMahon, Welch and Learned have participated in over 150 bid protests and have taken many to a successful conclusion or agency corrective action.  They have participated in federal bid protests at every available venue, including GAO, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and the FAA Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition (ODRA).  They have been involved in size and status protests before the U.S. Small Business Administration, both prosecuting and defending. They have litigated federal contract disputes before the Boards of Contract Appeals and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  They have represented many 8(a) companies and SDVO small business in their dealings with the SBA and the VA and with other companies in matters such as joint ventures and mentor-protégé relations.